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Cuvées : L'Expression du terroir: Produits

Cuvées: The Expression of the Terroir

A.O.C. Languedoc La Solana

The name of the cuvée in Occitan means: southern slope. It is also the patronymic name of a Casa Andorran (family of my ancestors)


Syrah (40 years old), old Grenache (50 years old) manual harvest

Raised in demi-muid of 500 liters for 14 months

The Domaine's cuvée stands out with its very intense aromas of blackcurrant and its long mouth, a modern and Mediterranean wine; for spicy dishes, ...

Vintage 2014:
1 star in the 2018 Hachette Guide

A.O.C. Languedoc Ostrea

The vines that produce this cuvée have oysters fossils, pebbles of "Ostrea Crassissima": this fossilized oyster is very large and characteristic of the Miocene epoch (25 to 3 million years ago). Its descendants currently live in the warm African seas.


Roussanne, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Viognier

Vinified in oak barrels.

This white wine is savoured chilled (8 °C-10 °C) accompanied by cooked prawns, lobster in spicy sauce, or scallops with saffron.

A.O.C. Languedoc

The name of a small oak tree planted in the Mediterranean Arc by the Romans, who then used the cochineal insect carried within it to obtain the red color Kermes, which represented the Imperial power of Rome.

A.O.C. Languedoc

One of the names given to the Mourvèdre grape variety in Languedoc, and more particularly in Hérault.


Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Vines over 30 years old

Aged in barrels for 12 months.

This wine is to be drunk with red meats, duck breast, as its full- flavoured, ample mouth with noticeable Mediterranean aromas of liquorice and black fruits will blossom.

Mourvèdre,Syrah, Vines over 30 years old

Aged in demi-muid for 12 months.

This wine is to be drunk with red meats, as its full-flavoured, ample mouth with noticeable Mediterranean aromas of cherry, cardamom and thyme will be fully expressed.

Vintage 2016:
Silver medal in the 2020 Languedoc Great Wines Competition

Bronze medal in the 2020 Decanter World Wine Awards

Vintage 2017 :
Gold medal in the 2022 Lyon International Wine Competition

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